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  • The Ultimate Elixir of Youth

    Sodashi's breakthrough formula: Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Elixir

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  • Effective
    chemical-free skin care

    Sodashi combines natural ingredients with anti-aging, nourishing and balancing properties to create natural skin care solutions

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  • Using nature's intelligence
    to nurture your skin

    Sodashi has tapped into mother nature's bounty to create luxurious and effective chemical-free skin care solutions

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  • NEW Enzyme Face Polish

    A triple-action exfoliant for glowing skin.

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Chemical Free Skincare

Wholeness. Purity. Radiance. That's the meaning of the Sanskrit word Sodashi, and it perfectly describes the values by which all of our chemical-free skin care products and spa therapies are created-without compromise.

Sodashi products and spa treatments are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only therapeutic-grade, ethically-sourced essential oils and plant actives to effectively heal and nurture.

From seed to shelf, Sodashi remains true to its name, dramatically regenerating the skin, and imparting a deep sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind.